Walk it Out

Walk It Out | Interview

I’m excited to perform tomorrow with Walk It Out.  I think their slogan (possibly trademarked…) shows why!

“We’ll fill your room with people, your speakers with sound, and require only one compact parking space.”

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Walk it Out

Walk it Out

What’s the one phrase that comes to mind when you describe your music?

I might describe what we do as eclectic honesty. We have very broad influences from Feist to MXPX to The Chariot to Arcade Fire and everything in between. When we write, we aren’t attempting to write a certain style, in fact, we aren’t really attempting anything, we’re just writing and seeing what comes out. And that’s where the honesty comes in. We’re not trying to be something necessarily, we’re just being, and that permeates our writing and our laid back approach to performing.


It looks like there are two people in your band but about 20 instruments being played, how does that work?!

Yes, we are a two-piece and that’s how we approach performing live. I play guitar, sing, and play a kick and snare drum with my feet and Joe plays bass as well as runs a percussion loop to add some subdivision to the groove that is missing without a full-on drummer. When we record, we flesh the song out fully and don’t restrict ourselves to this format, so it creates some fun differences in the way songs translate live to the way they get recorded. Our live set isn’t necessarily “stripped down,” it’s just we have to choose which parts we’re going to play so it allows some hidden elements in the recording to be front and center during a live show.


How did the two of you meet?

Joe and I have known each other since childhood through our church. He’s also bff’s with my brother in law and he’s my siding guy.


When did you start your band?

We started jamming on stuff in the fall of 2017 and had our first show at Cafe Rhema in Flint in March of 2018. So in dog years, we’re starting second grade in the fall.


What can we expect from your performance on June 29?

We will be playing 7 songs, which is the most material we’ve played in a set to date. We start with something light and crisp, then politely interrupt with something a little more filling, next we take time for a quick palate cleanser and then on to a heavy stack of protein. The whole journey takes about 24 minutes.


What’s the one crazy story about you and your band that not many people know?

We can fit us and all our gear in a ford focus (and I’m talking about the hatchback kind) which makes us one of the most gas and space efficient bands around. “We’ll fill your room with people, your speakers with sound, and require only one compact parking space.” Trying to use that as a slogan to market our band, not going great so far.

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