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Caroline Six Live | John Bivens | Drums

With my June 29th show coming up at Cafe Rhema, I thought now would be a good time to introduce you to my band.

Buy your tickets today for our final show of my Black & White tour at


First up is my friend, John Bivens on Drums.

Here’s what John had to say during our interview!

John Bivens

John Bivens
Credit | Tom E/G

From your viewpoint, what should we expect during the Caroline Six show on June 29?
I think everyone at the show should expect elements of both high energy and also much softer laid-back groove. It’s a good variety that will keep you entertained!


What drew you to Caroline’s music?
I began playing and still play for a couple of Caroline’s relatives and that’s how we met. She played me a couple of songs she was working on at the time and I just sat behind the drum kit and started tapping along and knew there was something special.


Is there a particular style of music that’s influenced your drum playing?
My drumming is influenced by jazz and rock–I love both styles.


What’s your background as a musician–performance and education?
My Uncle is also a drummer and my dad, who loves listening to music, always had the best music playing at home. I joined the music program in 6th grade and started taking private lessons from Gary Ashton, one of my school district’s three band directors. I continued studying with Gary both at home and at school until I graduated from high school. During that time, I involved myself in every musical outlet they had to offer. Once out of school, I formed a rock band with some other musicians from my school and began playing the bar and club circuit in and around Detroit which led to networking, establishing connections, making friends and picking up gigs with many local musicians.


What does your live kit consist of?
My main setup is a Pearl Master’s Maple 7-piece. It’s fully loaded with Zildjian K and A cymbals, DW pedals, and LP percussion.


What’s the one quirky thing that no one would guess that you love?
I love older music!

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