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Yesterday I introduced you to John Bivens, our drummer.  Just in time for our June 29th show at Cafe Rhema here’s my introduction to Greg Ayers, our guitarist!

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Same questions as I asked John, but from Greg’s perspective as a guitar player!

Greg Ayers

Greg Ayers
Credit | Dori Sumter

What drew you to Caroline’s music?
I was first introduced to Caroline’s music when Tom Libertiny asked me to be a part of her project. Her heartfelt lyrics and musical fluency are really great. Caroline writes from a deeply personal place and her music reflects that.


From your viewpoint, what should we expect during the Caroline Six show on June 29?
I think the audience should expect to enjoy a show that straddles the fence between singer-songwriter sensibilities and heavy-hitting pop/rock anthems full of lush soundscapes.


Is there a particular style of music that’s influenced your guitar playing?
I started out listening to a decent variety of music at a really young age. I have been in and out of choirs since I was in elementary school. My first instrument was Tenor Saxophone so Jazz has been, and remains, a really big influence in my approach to guitar. I love classic rock (Zeppelin, Hendrix, AC/DC…etc.), singer-songwriter, Radiohead, hip-hop, R&B, Funk, some Rap (not what’s popular on the radio though), classical, old Hymns, Experimental types of music…pretty much anything that is emotionally compelling and artistically intriguing.


What’s your background as a musician–performance and education?
I’ve been a full-time musician since about 2008 though I’ve been performing in various situations since I was about 8 years old. I have a bachelor’s in Music Performance. I’m originally from Virginia, where I began singing and playing tenor saxophone. In my early teen years, I discovered the guitar and found a deep passion and love for the instrument. Early on I primarily played rock and Worship music. I delved heavily into jazz in college.

I’ve had many fortunate opportunities to play alongside artists like: Tony Blackman, Multi-Grammy Award-winning Michael League (Snarky Puppy), Nikki Glaspie (Beyoncé and The Nth Power), and Alex White (James Carter Organ Trio). I continue to have some projects of my own as well as working as a sideman for several Detroit artists.


What does your live rig consist of–guitar, amp, and effects?
’83 Fender Stratocaster with John Shur Pickups (V60LP in the bridge and 2 ML Standards in the Neck and Middle positions)
Fender Twin Reverb (with a few custom upgrades),
Brady Cases Pedal Board
Lava Cables


DigiTech Whammy version 4
Boss OC-2
Keeley Compressor Plus
VP-Jr Volume Pedal
Zvex Box of Rock
Fulltone Full-Drive 3
Mooger Fooger Ring Modulator
Boss DD-3 Delay
T. C. Electronic Nova Delay
Electro Harmonix Freeze
T. C. Electronic Ditto x2 Jam Looper (occasionally)


What’s the one quirky thing that no one would guess that you love?
I really enjoy cooking as another expression of creativity in my downtime!

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