David Buzzeo

Caroline Six Live | David Buzzeo | Bass

Over the last two days, I’ve introduced you to John Bivens (drums) and Greg Ayers (guitars).  Just in time for our June 29th show at Cafe Rhema here’s my introduction to David Buzzeo on bass–some would say bass is the most important instrument.

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Same questions as I asked John and Greg, but from David’s hilarious perspective as a bass player!

David Buzzeo

David Buzzeo
Credit | Dave Lamarand

Editors note:  You’ll notice that in his photograph, David is playing guitar–he’s a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.  There’s an ongoing debate about which instrument he prefers to play.  You’re invited to join the debate on Caroline’s Facebook page!


What drew you to Caroline’s music?

Tom Libertiny. Plus what’s not to like…Caroline has an awesome voice and a great personality and she plays a wicked piano.


From your viewpoint, what should we expect during the Caroline Six show on June 29?

A great time, me tripping over something, a rotating bass riser.


Is there a particular style of music that’s influenced your guitar playing?

Progressive rock n roll and jazz. Rush, Muse, Stanley Clarke, Paul McCartney, DMB and any band Tom Libertiny plays in.


What’s your background as a musician–performance and education?

Self-taught. 38 years of playing guitar, bass, and keyboards. Oh, I played bass clarinet in school as well.


What does your live bass instrument and rig consist of?

Zon Sonus 5 string bass in deep purple finish.

Musicman Stingray bass in the very-rare sky blue sunburst finish with eau de toilet seat pickguard and fretless Moses neck.

Line 6 Pod pre-amp.

Garnier Fructis hair gel  (Editor’s note:  this is part of David’s technical rider).


What’s the one quirky thing that no one would guess that you love?

Cooking shows…I love to eat good food so cooking shows help me develop new skills/Ideas…But I don’t like to use recipes so mostly I just wing it…it is a very creative process for me.

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